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Cardinals/Rams: 5 Things To Watch For In Week 9

Even though the Arizona Cardinals are essentially out of the NFC West Playoff race, and even though this season has been terrible, and even though the 49ers are continuing to dominate this season, and even though all hope seems to be lost, believe it or not, there are still certain things to watch for when the Cardinals take on the Rams in Week 9 of the NFL.

Hit the jump to read 5 of those things.

1) John Skelton

This is assuming Kevin Kolb has been officially declared inactive, but if the Cardinals want to win, they definitely need at least a decent performance by 2nd year QB John Skelton.  Also, a strong performance by Skelton could potentially create a QB controversy.  Be sure to watch how he handles this opportunity.

2) Early Doucet

Doucet has scored a TD in the last two games, so will he continue this streak?  All season, the Cardinals have been searching for someone to step up as a #2 WR.  If Doucet can catch enough passes from Skelton, the Rams will ease up on Fitz, which will then open the door for some big plays.

3) Larry Fitzgerald

The Rams secondary has been plagued by injuries, so look for Skelton to go to Fitz throughout the game.  If Skelton can connect with Fitz consistently, the Cardinals will have the edge in the passing game.


4) The D-line

Assuming Sam Bradford is out, and AJ Feely is getting the start for the Rams, the D-line will be expected to pressure Feely all day.  The Cardinals will need big games out of Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett if they hope to limit the Rams Offense.

5) Steven Jackson

Coming off a big game vs. the New Orleans Saints, the Rams are almost guaranteed to be leaning on Steven Jackson throughout the game.  Considering how much he blew up the Cardinals Defense when he played them last time, the Cards will need to keep him contained throughout the game if they expect a win at the end of the day.