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Cardinals/Rams Week 9 Game Preview

When the Week 9 game between the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals kicks off, it will be the 66th time the two teams meet. The all-time series is pretty even. The Cardinals are 31-32-2 against the Rams. Of course, many of those games were when the Rams were playing in Los Angeles and when the Cardinls were in St. Louis. 

At 1-6 both teams are suffering through a lot of disappointment. Nationally, most writers and pundits picked the Rams to win the NFC West. The Cardinals were seen as a quarterback away from the playoffs again. It turns out that neither has lived up to the hype and expectations.

The have only scored 83 points so far this year and have allowed 192. 31 of those points were scored a week ago in ther victory over the New Orleans Saints. The Cardinals have allowed almost as many points (187), but have scored 143. We know that Arizona has had three games in which their final drive in the last two minutes could have won them the game, but didn't. There was also another game in which they had the lead and had a chance late to add to it, but did not complete.

The Rams have only scored nine touchdowns this year. Beanie Wells by himself has seven rushing TDs. Arizona as a team has scored 18. 

BOth teams struggle to protect their quarterback. Arizona's offensive line has allowed 24 sacks in seven games. The Rams's line has given up 27. NO wonder both Sam Bradford and Kevin Kolb are hurt. 

Defensive, the Cards allow the 20th overall. The Rams are 30th and give up more yards rushing than anything else. Expect to sees healthy dose of Beanie Wells.

What are we expecting from the Cardinals? Ideally they will win. If they lose, it will just be more proof that the Arizona Cardinals are a bad team these year.