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Cardinals/Rams Week 9 Open Thread

Sunday is upon us again. The 1-6 St. Louis Rams are at University of Phoenix Stadium and we will find out who is the worst team in the NFC West. It may be a battle of backups, as Kevin Kolb is doubtful for the game and Sam Bradford is listed as questionable.

The Cardinals overall are banged up a bit, with several important players on the injury report. Todd Heap, Beanie Wells and Jim Dray should all play, but their effectiveness may be less than 100 percent.

If you haven't yet joined ROTB, please do so -- it's free. That way you can join in on the conversation. Watching a Cardinals game with other Cardinals fans -- perfection.

As a reminder, game threads are more lax with the language, but we ought to note we are a community that does not attack other members.If you see a comment you feel is inapropriate, 'flag it.'

If you like someone's comment, please 'recommend' it, using the "action" link. One post on Monday will highlight the best/funniest comments of the game.

But above all, enjoy the rest of the game and GO CARDINALS!