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Patrick Peterson Punt Return Touchdown Video Shows His Awesomeness

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You know you want to see it again and again. With three punt return touchdowns on the season (a franchise record just halfway into hi rookie season), Patrick Peterson is already one of the most exciting players in the NFL. His first one against the Carolina Panthers won the game. His second against the Baltimore Ravens gave the team a two TD lead (that they later gave up), but his latest is incredible.

It was in overtime, which ended the game. It was only the second punt return touchdown in overtime in NFL history. 

Hit the jump to see the video (at least until the NFL has YouTube take it down).

I suppose this has been a really good weekend for him. He saw LSU knock off Alabama to stay number one in the country. He picked off a pass earlier in the game in tight coverage of a deep pass. It wasn't his first pick, but it was the first one that was a play (the other was a Hail Mary meaningless play). 

Now he won the game. This kid is special. Aren't you glad he was drafted by the Cardinals? I am.