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Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Rams Postgame Analysis And Quotes

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It may have been ugly. Like two safeties ugly. But in this day and age, a W is a W, and the Arizona Cardinals will be happy to take it. At 2 - 6 there were things displayed in this game against a struggling St. Louis Rams team for the Cards to improve on. But for now, let's here what the team had to say after a rare victory.

And prayers to Michael Adams.

99 YDS for a TD earns Patrick Peterson the first quote today. "I knew it was gutsy."

The starts must have aligned, because as they punted I had the thought that it would be surreal to win with Patrick Peterson returning this punt for a TD. Gutsy? Indeed, but expected in a way.

And now to the head coach, who notes that they have rules against fielding the ball inside the 10 yard line, but in Sunday's case had to say, "Thanks for doing it Patrick. Thanks for going against the rule on that one."

Thank you indeed. But all this would have never been had big man Calais Campbell not gotten a mitt on the last FG attempt by the Rams. He had this to say about it, "I was hoping for it, praying for it."

And in a game where he looked good and bad, QB John Skelton connected with Larry Fitzgerald for a TD. But he was quick to acknowledge the defense. "Our defense did a great job of bailing me out."

And back to Patrick Peterson who was asked if he was surprised that teams were still punting to him. His reply, "That I am."

I hope you're continued to be surprised the rest of year Mr. Peterson. 

That's all from me until next week when the Cards head back east to take on the Philadelphia Eagles.