John Skelton Over Kevin Kolb - It's Not The Stats

It seems as if we have ourselves a QB controversy here at ROTB, if not actually on the Cards.

With Sunday's win over the hapless Rams, I saw something that this team has been missing for about 23 games. A QB that actually looks like an NFL QB. John Skelton has the poise and confidence in the pocket that you see in all of the successful QB's in this league. He avoided pressure when he could, mostly. He stepped up in the pocket to get away from the outside pass rush. He made big throws when he needed to. He brought us back from being down 7 points in the 4th quarter.

I know, I know. The franchise has invested the immediate future in Kevin Kolb. His $62 million dollar contract will be starting at least through next year, as disappointing as that may be for some of us. I will admit that I was on the Orton bandwagon during the offseason. Don't get me wrong. I want Kolb to be successful. We as fans deserve some success from our Cards. I just don't have very much confidence that Kolb has the ability to be that guy.

Despite the 2-6 start, there have been many improvements on our team this year. I have seen improvement from our defense each week. PP21 is now the top cover corner and follows the other team's #1 WR around. With old man Porter out of the lineup, SchoCho are making big plays. Beanie is running very well, when he is not injured (does anyone else miss Ryan Williams like mad?). But Kolb has done nothing but regress each week. He has had 4 games with a chance to mount the game clinching drive and has failed each time. Fitz, the greatest receiver in the game, gets taken out by other teams that know Kolb can't get past his first progression. Kolb has taken more sacks while running backwards than any other QB I have personally ever seen.

I know everyone here has their own, probably very strong, opinions on this. Take all of the stats out of it. Niether of these guys has started enough to get a true look at the numbers they can put up. Ask yourselves this. Does Kolb look like an NFL QB while he is operating our offense? Or is it big John?

I, for one, am firmly in the Skelton camp. Are you?

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