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Patrick Peterson's Return, Beanie Wells' Ineffectiveness, John Skelton's Safeties On Latest Birdgang Podcast Episode

It finally happened. Joe and Mario have some positive things to talk about on the Arizona Birdgang Podcast after the Arizona Cardinals play. The previous two episodes were really gloomy because of the ugly and disappointing losses. They even considered becoming the Ravens podcast (not really, but it was bad). 

But thanks to the electric 99-yard punt return for a touchdown in overtime by Patrick Peterson, the guys are happier, but they do find some good and bad things to discuss.

Joe and Mario help us remember how boring it was for most of the game. They also go over those two terrible safeties that John Skelton took on consecutive possessions. They talk about Beanie Wells and how he did not make much of an impact on the game.

You might also be startled by the new intro. No longer is it Derek Anderson and Denny Green. It is the Spanish broadcast of the Patrick Peterson TD. See if you can catch the Toy Story reference when Peterson scored. 

In any case, enjoy the episode. Use the embeddable player or the direct link. Start the day off with some Cardinals talk. Click the link below if you have a mobile phone or use the player. 

Latest podcast episode