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Cardinals Vs. Rams Gameball Nominations By ROTB Writers

Finally we get to give out a game ball in a logical fashion -- after an Arizona Cardinals victory.  See which player or players get the nod from the writing team this week.

As a reminder, although you already got to vote in the Cardinal of the Week poll, please let us know if you agree with us or not and why, adding comments below the article. 

Jess Root:

My game ball does not go to Patrick Peterson. He was superb, but I'm giving it to the guy who made it possible for Peterson to even be playing in overtime -- Calais Campbell. Calais picked up another 1.5 sacks, six tackles and of course the blocked field goal at the end of the fourth quarter. If he doesn't get his hand on the ball, knowing Josh Brown, the Cardinals would have experienced yet another excruciating loss late in the game.

Mario Ortiz:

Patrick Peterson.... Enough said :)

Tyler Nickel:

Patrick Peterson gets my game ball for the week for his play both on defense and on special teams. He played very well in coverage and we continue to see him grow week in and week out. And on special teams... You know. What an amazing athlete. I am really looking forward to watching this young player grow as an Arizona Cardinal.

Joe Zuppa:

I feel like there can be only one this week and that you will know who I'm talking about without even saying his name.


Patrick Peterson, for becoming Deion 2.0, and Calais Campbell for showing the Bidwells why he needs an extension immediately.


Patrick Peterson. Just because he won the game with one of the most incredible plays I have ever seen.


Patrick Peterson. He has continued to improve in coverage each week, and did a good job against the Rams against Lloyd. Oh ya, and i guess that game winning Punt-Return TD in OT, was pretty good too.

Jesse Reynolds:

Calais Campbell, for dominate play and the play that allowed the big play.


Well, Patrick Peterson gets my vote for the game ball this week. A phenomenal return. 


I've got to go with Calais Campbell, if he doesn't will that blocked FG Peterson doesn't get the chance to run it back for the TD in OT. Peterson is my runner up though, I couldn't believe his run back.


I have to go with Calais Campbell, throughout the game he was in the Rams backfield, he was making plays vs the running game and the passing game, and without him this game never gets into OT and Peterson never has the chance to make the magical play he did.