Kevin Kolb Deal Poll, Halftime Version: Was It A Good Deal?

This is the fourth in a series of polls on the Kolb for DRC and a second trade. I want to track ROTB members' opinions of the deal as the season progresses. Obviously, the Kolb trade is a huge event for the future - whether it was a positive step, a negative step or just a sideways step remains to be seen. I put up a poll right after the trade. The initial poll was actually much closer than I thought it would be with 55% voting it was a good deal and 44% voting it was not. The second poll was taken after the preseason. The second poll had an amazing 88% of voters voting that the Kolb deal was a good deal for the CardinalsThe third poll was after the fourth Cardinals' regular season game. At that time the Cardinals were 1-3 with three straight losses. The third poll had come down slighly to 74% of ROTBers voting that the Kolb deal was a good deal for the Cardinals.

The fourth poll is in this post today. I will again be interested to see where the voting goes with the Cardinals at 2-6. Kolb is 1-6 as the Cardinals' starter. Skelton played a game, due to a Kolb injury, and the Cardinals managed a win, albeit against another pretty bad NFL team. Opinions in other threads appear all over the board about Kolb and Skelton.

I will put up other polls after game 12, one after the completion of the regular season and hopefully one after the Cards finish their playoff run.

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you are changing your vote from a previous poll and why you are changing your vote. Each poll will be yes or no only. This poll will be open up until about game time Sunday morning.

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