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Albert Haynesworth Waived: Darnell Dockett Wishes He Were Built Like Him To Be 'Most Feared Player In NFL'

Early yesterday afternoon, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots decided to cut ties with one time Pro Bowl defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth. Since leaving the Titans via free agency, Haynesworth has had a difficult time being productive and because of that, him being waived was almost inevitable. 

Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter weighed in on the news, but he did so by tweeting out another person's perspective. While talking to Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett, Dockett noted that if he had some of the physical tools that Haynesworth does, he would basically be unstoppable. 

Here are some of the things Dockett told Trotter in a private conversation a few months ago:


dockett (1/2): "Sometimes I wish I cld just hv his size & athleticism. W/ my heart & my work ethic, GOD, I WOULD BE F**KING MOFOS UP. ..."
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That quote was Dockett comparing himself to Haynesworth, who will now be looking for a new team. We have seen the passion that Dockett brings with him everyday to the field and the fire he plays with on game days, so I think he is completely justified in criticizing what many would call the laziness of Haynesworth. 

We consistently hear reports about Haynesworth being out of shape and overweight and unable to pass the various endurance tests required by NFL teams. With Dockett, we have never heard about these types of issues. The guy works his tail off and it shows. 

Haynesworth is 6'6" tall and weighs 350 pounds, making Dockett look way undersized at 6'4" and 290 pounds. Obviously there is nothing Dockett can really do to change his size, but I agree with him. If he had the physical strength and athleticism that Haynesworth has, he would be unstoppable. It would probably require two offensive linemen and a tight end just to keep him away from the quarterback. 

Here are some more of what Dockett had to say to Trotter:


(2/2) "I would be the most feared player in the NFL. ... I'd make it to the Pro Bowl 15 str8 yrs. I’d make it even if I missed 8 games."
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I think we would all love to see Dockett become the type of player that Haynesworth was thought to have the potential to be. That's not to say that Dockett isn't easily one of the best defensive linemen in the league, but one could only imagine the damage he could do if he was even bigger and more athletic. 

What do you think about what Dockett said? Do you think he would be the 'most feared' player in the NFL if he were as big and as athletic as Haynesworth?