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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Arizona Cardinals Making Slow Climb To Top

OK. So maybe the headline is reaching a bit in saying that the Arizona Cardinals will reach the top. The Green Bay Packers are at the top of every single of power rankings in the universe, I am sure of it and the evil San Francisco 49ers are begrudgingly good and near the top in everything I have seen. Week 10 NFL power rankings are starting to pop up around the Web, and the Cardinals are improving a little bit.

Our own Tyler Nickel had the Cards moving up the most in his most recent power rankings. Last week, he had the Cardinals at number 30, but after an overtime win, they are all the way up to 25. 

What about some of the other rankings?

On the SB Nation power rankings, Arizona did not change. They were last week and are this week set at number 28, ahead of both the Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. It describes this season as one to forget.

ESPN power rankings have the Cardinals climbing, but only by one step. At number 30 a week ago, he win earned them the 29 spot. 

The story is the same for he rankings for CBS Sports. They were 29th a week ago, but now are 30th. They did have something witty to say about John Skelton, though.

Kevin Kolb might miss out on his chance to face his former team. That would mean another week of John Skelton. Maybe he'll learn not to take sacks for safeties.

It made me chuckle a little. 

I think I would have put the Cardinals at around 27, looking at ours on ROTB, putting the Chiefs and the Vikings just ahead of the Cards. 

What about the rest of you? Where would you put the Cards now that hey have a second win under their belt. Don't be shy. Conmment awa.12