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Arizona Cardinals Teammates Urging Fans To Vote For Reggie Walker In Pro Bowl Ballots

The fan vote portion of the Pro Bowl selection is in full force. It is the part that, for the most part, that is irrational. Fans vote for the players on their team, which means the more popular players and the bigger market teams get more love.

But there is one Pro Bowl position that likely will not get a lot of fan votes -- special teams player. We are not talking about kick or punt returners, or even punters and kickers. We are talking about a special teams player. 

The Cardinals have had guys known for their excellence on special teams. Back in the 90s, they had Anthony Edwards, a receiver who was known more for his special teams play. More recently the team had Sean Morey.

Reggie Walker is the latest special teams player that is excelling, at least according to his teammates.

He is good enough to be on the Pro Bowl ballot for special teams, which means he already has a reputation for great play. 

His teammates have been pushing for fans to vote for him. Sam Acho, O'Brien Schofield, Jay Feely and Calais Campbell all have been on Twitter urging fans to vote for him, especially since according to Acho, he is "the best in the NFL at what he does."

What does he do? He doesn't have any one assignment. It is a ton of things. Kent Somers says he is a great kickoff coverage guy.

Walker, when I asked him on Twitter, described his job as such:

"I just try to set the tone for everyone around me...Well, I don't think it's necessarily just one job or assignment that I do. It's more of just how well I'm doing my 'jobs'. I just try to disrupt everything and make the play or help someone else make the play. Whenever I have to block someone, I try to dominate that particular person to the best of my abilities."

As far as I see it, this becomes our job now bwecause he does his. Special teams players often go unnoticed by fans, especially when they are not returners or gunners. Go vote for Walker and all the other Arizona Cardinals as well at