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Arizona Cardinals Week 9 Power Play

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What is 6'8", hates QBs, and game winning field goal attempts? The answer is Calais Campbell. He's the tallest player on the Arizona Cardinals roster and has a special knack for blocking FGs.  He has four blocked field goals in his four year career in the NFL, two of which have come this year. But only one has come at a crucial moment, with the game on the line, and a six game losing streak hanging over the Cardinals head. While many may be disappointed that the week 9 power play doesn't go to Patrick Peterson for his record setting 98 yard punt return to score the game winning points, or PP21's TD saving INT against Brandon Lloyd. This week PP's play will only get him an honorable mention.  I think it should go to the player who finished with six tackles, two of them for losses, in addition to 1 1/2 sacks and three quarterback hurries, and oh yeah ... a blocked FG to save the game! Calias Campbell is making a name for himself as a quiet performer on the defense and is humble in his successes.

With all of his success and leadership Campbell is making the best statement possible to sign an extension before the offseason. The Cardinals Front Office must be aware of CC's continued playmaking abilities and disruption to the left side of opposing O-lines. If Campbell is even focusing on his contract, there has been no word of it in the media. It seems Campbell is continually proving himself and his worth through his actions on the field and not through sound bytes to the media. If he can continue to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks and create game changing plays like the four blocked FGs, I can see no reason why Campbell's power plays would not continue for the rest of his career in Cardinal Red.