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ROTB Roundtable: QB Controversy, Questionable Starter, and Patrick Peterson

Roundtables are so much nicer after a win.  Especially a win that was brought to you by Patrick Peterson, a.k.a. Deion Sanders 2.0.  

In a season like the current on the Cardinals are having, there are a million questions surrounding the team.  The ROTB Writing Staff set out to answer three of those.

Hit the jump to read the three questions, the Writing Staff's answers, and of course, don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below.

1) Do you think there is a QB controversy between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton?

Tyler: Absolutely not.  Kevin Kolb was paid to come here and be the starting QB of the future for the Cardinals and that is what he is going to be.  He needs more time to grow in the offense and to improve his footwork.  Besides, Skelton did not play all that great and it was against the lowly Rams.

Jesse: I do not think there is a QB controversy after just 1 game. Skelton struggled against a depleted Rams defense that stacked the box against the run, giving him plenty of favorable match ups in the passing game. Skelton also made some really dumb decisions in our own red zone and he continued to struggle with his accuracy. Though I admit, his poise and confidence in the pocket is inspiring and his ability to hit big plays down field is impressive. He has that Big Ben potential of extending plays and making teams pay but he is still raw. In a few years Skelton could be something special.

Joe: Only if Skelton plays next week against the Eagles and wins.

Randy: There is no controversy, Kolb is the Starter, and Skelton is a player who is developing in this offense. Skelton showed that he is a different type of player than Kolb in the game, and that he may even have a better understanding of the offense due to it being his second year in it. However, Kolb is still the number 1. I do think that there may be some competition in next year's training camp to push Kolb for the #1 spot. 

Jess: Controversy? Nope. Skelton's play certainly was not clearly better than Kolb and it was against a lesser opponent. Any controversy talk is only by fans, which is okay, but honestly such talk is more premature than an aroused 15-year old boy.

Kent: Nothing to see here move on. If Kolb can practice Friday he will start the game Sunday, if not, well then he is not healthy enough to play. The team and the coaching staff showed everyone their hand when they traded for and then extended Kevin Kolb. Even if a controversy develops in the eyes of the fans there will never be one on the team or among the coaching staff. Kevin Kolb is the guy and we move forward as such.

Cris: No, but there should be. And not between players. The controversy should be why the organization struggles to evaluate QB talent. Matt Leinart, The "Derek Anderson", and now Kevin Kolb. This is a team killer, and they constantly put the team through this.

2) Many fans are calling for John Skelton to get the start vs. the Eagles.  Do you agree with them, and if not, how short of a leash does Kevin Kolb have now?

Tyler: No, Skelton should not get the start unless Kolb can't go because of his turf toe injury.  Kevin Kolb's leash is still pretty long to work withen this offense, especially with the Cardinals coming off a win.

Jesse: I agree if Kolb is still injured. At 2-6 with the Niners playing very well, the playoffs are out of our reach so there is not point in rushing him back. That said, I also don't think it will matter who are QB is as the only way we can beat the Eagles is with a healthy Beanie Wells and an aggressive ground attack. Skelton may survive longer in the pocket but he doesn't have the accuracy needed with Philly's CB's and Kolb may be more accurate but he will get mauled by the Eagles pass rush. It's is kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Joe: It depends on how Kolb's turf toe is healed up at that point.  If he is capable of playing, he should paly, but if it bad enough for the coaches to not want to risk making it worse then yeah Skelton should play so Kolb can get healthy, and so we can get a look at how he handles the "Dream Team".

Randy: I do think Skelton should get the start, but only due to Kolb's injury. I saw him hobbling down the sideline slowly walking to the locker room after the win, when everyone else was yelling and running full blast. He just couldn't do it, the foot is still a bother to him. How is he supposed to perform against a good D like that with the Cardinals O-line? When Kolb is healthy he will be the unquestioned starter. Unless Skelton does something amazing against the Eagles, then we might have a controversy...

Jess: There is no leash on Kolb. Just an injury. If he is healthy enough to play, he should. End of story. The team needs to ride out Kolb unless he's hurt or absolutely awful...which he has not been.

Kent:  None at all. As above we showed our hand when we traded for and then extended Kevin Kolb, it was basically a minimum two year commitment to him as this teams QB. He is not going to have a leash, he could have a Kurt Warner vs the Jets circa 2007 game against the Eagles and he would still be the starter the next week.

Cris: If KK is healthy, play him. They broke the bank to get him, now sleep in the bed you made. With no leash. This is their opportunity to kick the tires on their purchase.

3) Coach Whiz has hinted at using Patrick Peterson in the Offense.  How would you use him in future Offensive plays?

Tyler: I would use him extremely sparingly in possible Wildcat snaps and maybe in a go route to draw safeties towards him.  PP has amazing speed, but I don't see him being used as a receiver or anything.  He already works on defense full-time and as a punt returner, so I would think that the coaching staff would only use him once or twice in a game at most on offense.  No need to risk injury.

Jesse: I think it's a bad idea. Obviously Peterson is a beast and is incredibly dynamic but he needs to be focusing on smothering WR's and returning punts.

Joe: Wildcat type plays, or line him up at receiver and have him either run straight down the field or do some kind of bubble screen play to get him the ball in space and let him do his thing.  Someone with his speed could also work as a decoy and draw coverage away from the other receivers.

Randy: I'd use PP as the shifty slot receiver who has more speed to juke LB's in the middle of the field, or on the fade route opposite of Larry.

Jess: I would only use Peterson sparingly on offense. The guy already matches up against the number one receiver and returns punts. Using him on a reverse/end-around or on a deep route or some route that gets him in space would be cool.

Kent: Not sure if everyone saw it or not, but at one stage Peterson was actually on the field with the offense on Sunday, the Cardinals had to call a timeout and thus never got to run the play, but it signals intent. Personally I would like to limit the number of offensive snaps he takes, if we have to use a starting defensive player to creative explosive plays from our offense then we are in trouble. Use him as a receiver, get him into the game on deep routes or screens. Give him a shot to use his speed and open field running ability.

Cris: As QB anyone? Seriously, limited looks from the offensive side. He plays D, returns punts. I'd let him line up opposite Fitz to draw away coverage. Or send him deep to open up the flats for a back out of the backfield, etc.

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