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Kevin Kolb Expects To Play Against Cowboys On Sunday

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It has been four weeks, but it finally appears that starting quarterback (yes, he is the starter) Kevin Kolb finally is going to get back on the field this Sunday. After being limited in practice most of last week and sitting out the Rams game because it was a field of artificial turf, Kolb fully practiced on Wednesday and said he took all the first team snaps.

The question will be, how effective will he be?

Obviously, he was not playing particularly well overall leading up to the injury, but now he has had a few more weeks to get acclimated to the playbook and verbiage. Of course, the reps he had been lacking are still lacking because of the time off.

He knows, though, that he needs to play well.

"I think if you look back on a lot of games, if us as quarterbacks just did our part and just took care of the ball and played a good, solid game then we would have won quite a few of them," he explained. "That's my mentality and that needs to be our mentality every time we hit the field. Just do your job (then) we'll take care of business."

He recognized that the defense and special teams have been good enough. "We still don't feel like offensively we've played an entire game yet as a complete unit. That's a big goal of ours," Kolb said.

Wouldn't it be great for everyone involved to have that happen against the Cowboys on Sunday? Fans were ready to hand the starting job to John Skelton, but then he laid a couple of ugly eggs to the tune of five INTs and no TDs the last two games. A solid game by Kolb would be just what the fans need to get behind him and the team, considering the 3-1 record in his absence. Plus, it would be a quality win over a team that has won five out of six and give the team some buzz -- never mind the fact that we all love to see the Cowboys lose.

So, now the question is -- what do you expect to see from Kolb on Sunday, assuming he does in fact play and start?

I am always the optimist. I can't help it. The Cowboys' secondary is, admittedly by Dallas fans, a concern. If the offensive line gives him a little time, he should be able to make plays down the field. Plus, if Beanie Wells can run like he did against the Rams, or something similar in aggression, Kolb's job will be way easier. I am expecting 250 yards and a couple of scores.

What do the rest of you say? Agree? Disagree? Still want Skelton or are we now calling for Rich Bartel?


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