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Patrick Peterson Now Is Special Teams Player Of The Month

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I posted a FanShot that was meant to be this...whoops. After returning two punts for touchdowns in the month of November and winning Special Teams Player of the Week twice, the league has now recognized rookie Patrick Peterson for his performance and named him NFC Special Teams Player of the Month.

In Cardinals history, he is only the second player to win the special teams award. Neil Rackers also did in 2005.

Only three other times in Cardinals history has a player won a "player of the month" award, regardless of type. Neil Lomax did as offensive player in 1988, Boomer Esiason in 1996 (remember that he was a Cardinal?) and Kwamie Lassiter in 2001.

Peterson is the only rookie this season to get a player of the month award.

It really is amazing, but already becoming commonplace.

We knew that he could be a special player. Special teams is already where he is showing that he was worth the pick at number five.

We also know that defensively he has had his struggles. I am in no way saying that we should be disappointed, considering the lack of time with the team in the offseason. But my question is this: If all he ever does as a player is what he has been doing, and he never develops into anything else other than a subpar defensive player, will you be satisfied with that?

I almost say yes. If he can maintain an elite level in the return game, I want him to be an above average corner at least to say he is what we hoped.