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Darnell Dockett's Interview With Dan LeBatard: The Questions They Didn't Show

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When Darnell Dockett was on Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable the other day, knowing LeBatard and Dockett I figured that the bit would be funny and off the wall. Instead, the interview took a serious turn and Dockett's mom was brought up. I was a little disappointed because I personally like the show for the funnier stuff.

I was very pleased to see on Friday that LeBatard's "Papi" put together an interview medley of stuff they had to cut from the shown interview. (If you watch the show, you will notice that there is a lot of editing done). This time, we get to see the funnier stuff from Dockett.

You'll have to scroll to the 4:43 mark, Darnell answers about whether he plays angry (he says no) and who in the NBA he would beat one-on-one (Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay and Charles Barkley) and he shares how Gay once dunked on him and how it still "is a sensitive subject."

How would he beat Howard? With leverage and fouls. "He would never score," he said. The key is that "you get unlimited fouls."

Dockett does confess that to beat Barkley, he would have to play him at his age now. "That's perfect," he responded when LeBatard told him Chuck was 50.

Honestly, forget watching DD and any NBA player hoop it up one-on-one. Let's just get some footage of Calais Campbell (who claimed that after one year of working out could play in the NBA -- Steve Breaston mocked him for that) and Dockett. Watching a pair of big defensive linemen play basketball would be great footage.

In any case, here is the video of the interview medley. It has some Jared Allen as well, but Dockett starts at 4:43.