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Cardinals Vs. 49ers: 5 Things To Watch For

After winning the last 4 out of 5, the Arizona Cardinals are flying into today's game against the San Francisco 49ers. With hopes of the Playoffs far in the distance, but still there, the Cardinals will be looking for a high-powered win to keep them going.

Hit the jump for 5 things to watch for in the game.

1) Kevin Kolb and the Offense

Although he started the 1st Half against the Dallas Cowboys in last week's game slowly, Kolb picked up his pace and finished strong, throwing a 52 yard TD to Larod Stephens-Howling in Overtime to get the win. Will he manage to carry over that 2nd Half momentum and play strong from the start against the 49ers?

2) Patrick Peterson

After playing perhaps is strongest game as a CB this season, Peterson will look to take on the Michael Crabtree led 49ers WR's. Can he shut down the 49ers receivers like he did to Dez Bryant, and can he improve his punt returning game from last week?

3) Andre Roberts
Roberts had a great game against the Cowboys, leading the team in yards and receptions. Will he be able to continue his chemistry with Kolb against the amazing 49ers Defense?

4) Beanie Wells

A large part of the 49ers success this season has been due to their phenomenal run defense. But with star LB Patrick Willis out, RB Beanie Wells looks to continue his successful season. Will he be able to break the 49ers Defensive streak of no rushing TD's allowed?

5) Alex Smith and the 49ers RZ Offense

Recently, QB Alex Smith has struggled in the RZ with the 49ers Offense. Coincidentally, the Cardinals Defense has recently turned over a new leaf, becoming a top ranked defense in the last few games. Will they be able to slow down the 49ers, especially in the RZ?