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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball, Week 14

With the Arizona Cardinals' victory over the San Francisco 49ers had a little bit of everything -- TD passes by John Skelton, sacks by five different players, a well-placed challenge and a come-from-behind win. Oh yeah, there was also sick Larry Fitzgerald stuff.

So far, the overwhelming community vote for the Cardinal of the Week is for Fitz, but who will get game balls from out panel of writers?

Jess Root:

It would be very easy to give the game ball to Larry Fitzgerald. He had a monster game. But my game ball goes to en Whisenhunt for his perfectly timed first half challenge that wiped out a fake field goal. I know a lot of people have said that the play looked much more successful because of the whistle, but from watching the replay, the play goes for a first down. Thanks to the toss of the challenge flag, the play is erased, the Niners have to attempt the kick, David Akers misses it and John Skelton and Early Doucet connect for a TD the next play. Just the way they practiced it. Oh, and the challenge didn't really happen because of an equipment malfunction, so they didn't even lose a timeout. Classic!

Tyler Nickel:

Larry Fitzgerald gets my game ball for the week. The guy was simply amazing, catching passes, throwing blocks and leading the team. 149 yards, a TD, an amazing block and one unforgettable catch to steal the ball away from the defender.

Jesse Reynolds:

Larry Fitzgerald. I would like to give it to Skelton but 3 TD's balance out 3 TO's.


Larry Fitzgerald. He broke the franchise record for most 1000 yard seasons in a row, got another 1000 yard season, got over 100 yards, got the big TD, pulled in some key catches and without him, Skelton would have been screwed. Shoutout goes to Ray Horton for the entire defensive performance today.


Larry Fitzgerald for continuing to be a freak. Great catches, went over 100 yards on the game, and over 1000 for the season. It is amazing how he can catch almost anything thrown at him and how he can bail out his QBs by coming down with throws that should be intercepted. Honorable mention goes to Ray Horton and the defense which has just been balling for the last six weeks.


So, the game ball...that's a tough one today. Larry Fitzgerald had some beautiful catches, went over 1000 yards, and had a TD. Coach Whis has managed to win 42 games, for a tie for first place franchise record. Coach Horton's defense is formidable. Any of those three deserve a game ball.

Today mine goes to the head coach. Ken Whisenhunt has been the spearheading force behind a change in the Arizona Cardinals organization. And 42 wins ties Don Coryell for #1 in franchise history for victories, with three games left.