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Will Todd Haley Return To The Arizona Cardinals?

In what can be seen as a slightly surprising move, the Kansas City Chiefs fired Todd Haley, who had been their head coach for the past three seasons. The Chiefs had been unable to follow up their 2010 10-6 and AFC West championship season with the same type of success, and just a month and a half ago, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said, "Making a head coaching change is not something we're contemplating."

In any case, it happened, despite the team losing their starting QB, two running backs and their playmaking tight end to injury.

But his firing raises an interesting question for Arizona Cardinals fans...

Do we want him back on the offensive coaching staff?

We remember the success he had here. He was part of the reason for Kurt Warner's career resurrection in Arizona and the transformation of Larry Fitzgerald from great receiver to one of the league's elite. He helped Steve Breaston grow from punt returner into receiving threat.

He challenged players to do better and got results.

Now, in 2010 with Warner still playing and Ken Whisenhunt calling plays, the offense was fine. However, the past two seasons have been rough for the Arizona offense.

He and Ken Whisenhunt are close friends, so a return would make a ton of sense, right?

Let's look at both sides:

He shouldn't come back

To start, Coach Whiz described any talk of Haley's return as "premature," citing that Haley will likely have plenty of coaching opportunities. Obviously, Haley would like to seek a head coaching gig first if he can.

He is known to have an abrasive personality, which doesn't always work. It worked for Warner and Fitz, but that sort of personality often turns players off when there is any sort of adversity.

Also, bringing him back would undermine the continuity of the current staff. Mike Miller has the OC position and has playcalling responsibilities. Should he lose his job?

He should come back

We know that Whiz and Haley are buddies. We have seen the success Haley can have with the Cardinals offense. He would be great for both John Skelton and Kevin Kolb. He would be even better for a player like Andre Roberts.


I don't see him returning. Sure, I would like to have him back, but between the search for a head coaching gig and the current make up of the Cardinals' staff, I don't think it will.

Some have even brought up the Arizona State coaching position. I actually do not support that. He seems a lot like Dirk Koetter, who was sent packing five years ago.

So, what do you all think?