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ROTB Roundtable: QB controversy (Again), Todd Haley, and Playoffs?

After winning 5 out of 6, the Arizona Cardinals are on a roll. But even though they've finally figured out how to win, there are still many questions surrounding the team. With a win over the 49ers last week, some questions were pushed aside, and new ones were brought on.

The ROTB Writing Staff tried their shot at answering three of those many questions. Hit the jump to see their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below.

1) Many fans have again started calling for John Skelton to be the starting QB. Do you agree with them?

Tyler Nickel: No, I do not agree at all. Kolb has done nothing to lose his job and Skelton still had his share of errors. Kolb will start once he is cleared to play again.

Cdeveau: Should John Skelton be starting QB? Once again, I say no. If Kolb is healthy, start him. You paid the man money. If nothing else play him to showcase what he has for a year, then trade him if you like how SKelton progresses. I like some of the things John does. He shakes sacks like a guy in Pittsburgh. He runs for the first. He has a nice arm. Those favorable aside, he has flaws. Ball security. Missing the open read. Staring down a receiver. But as material to form for the future, yes please.

Jesse Reynolds: No but I understand where they are coming from. Kolb is on the proverbial hot seat in my eyes but one good performance by Skelton doesn't make a season or dethrone Kolb. I am not one who will so readily forget the two games Skelton played where he turned the ball over 5 times and generated less than 220 passing yards total and completed less than 45% of his passes. Kolb hasn't been playing too much better and this game against the Browns is very important for him, he has to do well or he will be relegated to the backup role once again in his career. At this point though I am over the whole QB debate, we could rotate QB's for all I care as long as we are winning.

JoeCB1991: I stand by what I said before, if Kolb is healthy he should be the starter. The Cardinals need to see what they have in him after the investment they made after trading to him. These last couple of games and the offseason will be very important to him. I think that having an extra year in this offense and throwing to Fitz has been one of the things that helped out Skelton this year, I think we will see that from Kolb too as he has time to grow with the team.

Jess Root: I'm not there yet, but I'm getting close. Skelton's play was very, very good on Sunday. However, the team must learn whether Kolb can be the guy. As long as he is cleared for playing you have to play Kolb. Going in to next season, though, I have no issue with giving Skelton a shot to win the job.

2) After just three season, the Chiefs fired Todd Haley. Should the Cardinals look into bringing him back as an Offensive Coordinator?

Tyler Nickel: Unless they have a valid reason to fire Mike Miller, then no. I liked Haley as our OC, but he left and took his shot. It's Miller's offense now.

Cdeveau: Should the Cards bring back recently fired Todd Haley. Interesting question. I bear no ill will towards Todd Haley. Can he exist within this current organizational setup? I'm not positive. Is he the play caller for us? The Cards were exciting during the Haley/Warner era...

Jesse Reynolds: I think bringing back Haley would be a bad idea. I was never a big Haley fan to begin with so I won't argue my point because my bias will taint it. I prefer the even keeled coaches who doesn't lose their cool over emotionally chagrin coaches.

JoeCB1991: Mike Miller has done a better job lately, but if Haley is willing to come back the nI think it would be great for this team. his personality helped get more out of this team during the Warner years and with his talent coaching receivers it would help Doucet and Roberts a lot as well.

Jess Root: As intriguing as it might be, you don't want to mess with the continuity of the current staff. That being said, I think Haley would be great for Kevin Kolb. I have a feeling that Kolb would respond very well to him. But Haley will want to at least get a look at head coaching positions before he goes back to OC.

3) With another win, the Playoffs are still in reach. What should the Cardinals focus on most for the game against the Browns?

Tyler Nickel: Running the ball. Have Beanie take 20+ carries and the Cards should win this game. The Browns have the 31st ranked rush defense in the league.

Cdeveau: Whats should the Cards focus on vs the Browns? The game itself, not the next game, not breakfast, not records. That being said, to win the formula never wavers. Run Beanie Wells at least 25 times. Control the ball and the clock. The defense should give Colt McCoy fits all day. Will Kevin Kolb play? If not, the run game is more important.

Jesse Reynolds: Easy, winning. The Browns are already in draft mode, but that doesn't mean they can't beat us. Any given Sunday... If our team is the real deal they will put the Browns away in the first quarter.

JoeCB1991: Winning

Jess Root: Keep it simple. Don't allow Cleveland to score and offensively do what has worked against the Browns -- pounding them with the running game. They don't give up a lot through the air, so feed the Bean!

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!