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Two Arizona Cardinals Players Get Dubious Recognition from PFF

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After their article highlighing the performance of a few Arizona Cardinals players and their strong play against the San Francisco 49ers, we saw that Calais Campbell, Adrian Wilson and Larry Fotzgerald all made the All-PFF team. PFF also, as they always do, recognize the guys that had a bad day and had the lowest in-game grades at their position.

Who were those guys?

They are a pair of linebackers -- O'Brien Schofield and Paris Lenon.

Despite the team defense having one of its finer days, these two guys were graded negatively.

Schofield, who was graded at a -2.6, was criticized for his play in coverage.

Schofield looked lost in coverage and struggled keeping contain as the 49ers toyed with him at times before the Cardinals found a way to hide him on the field for 24 snaps

Lenon, who has been a solid player most of the year, graded out at a -3.3. Said PFF:

Lenon has a tendency to get a bit overaggressive at times and take himself out of plays...

It seems like the Cardinals players are getting on these lists with much less frequency. The fact that there is no offensive lineman is great news.

What do you think? I won't recall any play in which I thought either of these players did anything real negative. Were they the defense's missing link?