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Cardinals Vs. Browns: All Signs Point To Seneca Wallace To Start At QB

On Thursday at practice, Cleveland Browns starting QB Colt McCoy was again sent home from practice, as he is still suffering concussion symptoms. McCoy was concussed as a result of a helmet to helmet hit by James Harrison last Thursday night when the Browns played the Pittsburgh Steelers. Harrison was suspended a game for the hit.

McCoy has yet to take any snaps this week in practice. What does this mean?

It means that it is looking doubtful that McCoy will be able to play on Sunday when Cleveland will be here in Arizona to play the Cardinals.

Instead, former Seattle Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace, the number two guy in Cleveland, will likely get the start for the Browns on Sunday.

Oddly enough, it may be a battle of backups on Sunday, as Kevin Kolb was still limited in practice because of his head injury, which he suffered in the first offensive series on the game against the 49ers last Sunday. It looks like John Skelton will be the likely starter for the Cardinals.

Wallace is not an unknown commodity for the Cards, as he was with Seattle until last year when Pete Carroll took over from Mike Holmgren.

Things could change, but with the team taking a cautious approach with Kolb and McCoy not even being able to takes snaps, the offense seen could be very plain.