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Cardinals Vs. Browns: The Prediction Thread

A little later today, you will get to read what Madden predicts will be the game outcome. But this is the opportunity for you to make your own predictions. With John Skelton likely to get the start, which Skelton will we see? Can Beanie Wells dominate like he did against the Rams?

Read on for my predictions...

With Colt McCoy out and several offensive linemen suffering from injuries, the Arizona defense is going to continue its strong play. They will get pressure on Seneca Wallace, but his mobility will beat them a couple of times.

Offensively, Skelton will have his struggles, as Cleveland has one of the best pass defenses in the league. However, he avoids turning the ball over. Beanie Wells, though, has a great game. He goes for 160 yards and two TDs.

In the end, Arizona is able to move the ball and score touchdowns, while the Browns are shut out of the endzone.

Final score? Cardinals 24, Browns 9.

Now it is your turn. Give us your game predictions...