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Cowboys Vs. Buccaneers Saturday Night Football Open Thread

And so it begins that we add Saturday to the weekly docket of games. The Cardinals play next Saturday. But to start, the Dallas Cowboys try and get back on track as they play the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa even gave up 41 points to the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS! That's how bad they are. But you never know. Dallas has been bitten by the field goal icing two weeks in a row. I imagine that they turn it around tonight, but then again, most Cardinals fans will revel in the suffering of the Cowboys. After all, we know that the stereotypical Cowboys fans are the biggest bandwagoners in the world.

If you are watching the game tonight on NFL Network, please hop on in with this thread and start the conversation or add to it. It will be a good prep for Sunday's games. It would be great to see the Cowboys lose, as that will only help the Cards with their playoff hopes.