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Cardinals Vs. Browns Game Preview

The Arizona Cardinals are going for a fourth straight win and a small shot to make the playoffs as they host the Cleveland Browns at University of Phoenix Stadium at 2:15 PM AZT. For both teams, it will be a backup QB making the start. John Skelton will start for Arizona and Seneca Wallace for the Browns. Both Colt McCoy and Kevin Kolb are recovering from concussions.

The last time these two teams met, it was in Arizona and our favorite QB Derek Anderson came a play away from leaving town with a victory in 2007, despite having a typical DA game. He threw for 304 yards, two TDs, but also two INTs to Rod Hood, one that he returned for a score. However, the game came down to the very last play of the game, when Anderson hit a covered Kellen Winslow, Jr. in the endzone as time expired -- an absolutely beautiful throw, but Winslow could not get both feet down and it was not determined on review that he was forced out by Antrel Rolle, who was defending him.

It was back when even if a receiver could not get two feet down inbounds, if it was deemed that he would have if it were not for the defender, a catch was to be the ruling. That rule has since been changed so that a defender can force a receiver out of bounds and the player would have to get both feet down to call it a game of football.

The one thing that the Cleveland Browns have going for them is their number two rated passing defense. That, sadly, is paired with the league's second worst rush defense.

That should mean a big game for Beanie Wells.

Arizona's defense is still not rated highly (21st overall), but it has allowed just six touchdowns in their last sis games. Additionally, the Cardinals logged five sacks in each of the last two games. That combined with a bevy of injured offensive linemen will probably lead to a lot of yardage from Beanie Wells.

If Arizona can win against the Browns and win out, they have a shot at the playoffs, provided that the Dallas Cowboys do not win their division and end 9-7, the Detroit Lions finish 9-7 and the Chicago Bears finish 8-8. Considering the schedules remaining, it is not too out of the question.

However, the Cardinals have to take care of business first. That starts on Sunday with a win over a weak Browns team.