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Beanie Wells Could Need Surgery On Knee

The season has been an up and down one for Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells. He hurt his hamstring and his knee, but has played and has had some rough games running the football and others that are amazing. Just last week he set a career-high and franchise record for rushing yards in a game for 228. On the season he has rushed for 849 yards and eight TDs.

All of this is while playing on a knee that is rumored to need surgery.

When Beanie first got hurt, he said that the knee injury probably would be something that would bother him the rest of the season.

As it turns out, according to a tweet by XTRA 910 Mike Jurecki, he is hearing that "Wells will need surgery after the season."

Beanie's response when Jurecki asked him? "I don't know."

The fact he is not refuting the rumors is enough to let me know that it will likely happen.

This is not to say that the surgery would be serious. Obviously, by playing on it, there isn't any real risk of doing more damage. He already wears a brace.

For the Cardinals fans reading this, does anything change your mind about him? Beanie from pre-2011 probably would have shut things down.