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Cardinals Vs. Cowboys: The Prediction Thread

The Dallas Cowboys are coming to town with a four-game winning streak and sit atop the NFC East. The Arizona Cardinals come home after their most difficult part of the their schedule and have won three of four. Starting QB Kevin Kolb will likely return to the field and rookie TE Rob Housler as well.

The Cowboys will be without Miles Austin, but have rookie phemon RB DeMarco Murray.

But the important thing now is...what you think will happen.

This thread is to let you share your predictions -- crazy or not -- for the coming game on Sunday.

As for me, I am always more optimistic. Since Cowboys fans themselves say that their secondary gives up big games to QBs, I predict that Kolb goes out and throws for 250 yards and a pair of TDs. The defense will not be as effective as in the past weeks, but Sam Acho will get another sack. Both teams will move the ball well,

In the end, it will be close, and the Cardinals will be the victors, 27-21.

It is now your turn.