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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball Week 15

The Arizona Cardinals won yet again, evening their record to 7-7 and found a way to make things interesting but pull out the victory. As for the community vote for the player of the week, linebacker O'Brien Schofield has a slim lead over John Skelton. Now it is the turn of our panel of writers to give their game balls away to the player or person of their choice.

Naturally, the comment section is for you to comment and give your thoughts on the game balls by the writers.

Jess Root:

My game ball for the week goes to offensive coordinator Mike Miller for the one play (making up for a lot of the odd playcalling earlier in the game) that was the game changer -- the 32-yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. It was a perfect play call for that moment. The personnel package had Cleveland thinking run and that Fitz was going to block on the play. He didn't and he ended up wide open. Skelton hit him and the next play Jay Feely ends the game.

I am amending mine. When using the tweet from Kent Somers to cite that the Browns were looking run, I thought it was Beanie Wells in the game. I went back to the play and watched it again and realized it was Chester Taylor. That wasn't great playcall by Miller (although it turned out to be good) but rather a dumb read by the Browns corner. He thought a run with Chester Taylor? Dumb. So my game ball now goes to Jay Feely for hitting the tying and winning kicks when it counted. Remember those kicks he missed in Seattle? It was great to see him come through this time.

Tyler Nickel:

I'm going to go ahead and give my game ball to O'Brien Schofield. He got the only 2 sacks for the Cardinals and his forced fumble was a game changer. Both he and Sam Acho have really become a great force at OLB.


There are several people who could get the game ball, but I'm giving it to Coach Whiz for getting his franchise record 43rd win. Congrats coach.

Jesse Reynolds:

I agree with Joe, Whiz for most franchise wins.


I gave Coach Whiz the game ball last week for tying to most victories. This week was a struggle for me to award the ball, but in the end it came down to a sack and forced fumble that should have been seven points on the board, but at least provided three, and changed the tide of the game.

My game ball goes to O'Brien Schofield for his back to back sacks and one forced fumble.


Todd Heap gets it for finally earning some of the money they're paying him.