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Larry Fitzgerald Talks About Losing, Winning, Quarterbacks

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For the Arizona Cardinals, there is definitely one guy everyone can look at and know that he is the biggest leader on the team. That, of course, would be Larry Fitzgerald, who is also probably the best wide receiver in the NFL and one of the greatest ever. As we have seen him in his career, there is one thing that drives him and that is winning. He wants money and numbers, but winning is the most important thing.

Fitzgerald was on NBC's PFT Live on Monday and discussed winning and losing with host Mike Florio. Among other things, he discussed the quarterback situation and the difference between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

As for the start of the season and losing six straight, Fitz gave a pretty simple answer, "Offensively we weren't playing good football and defensively we weren't playing good football." Leave it to Fitz for the answer that doesn't reveal anything.

However, while some are quick to credit John Skelton for the Cardinals turnaround, Fitz sets it straight here. "The single biggest change for us has been the defense," he explained. "They have played lights out football for the past seven weeks, doing a terrific job of holding teams to field goals when they get down to the red zone."

Any of us who have been watching the Cardinals know that this has definitely been the case. Even with Kevin kolb struggling to start the season, if the defense plays anything close to the level it is now, the team is now battling the 49ers for the division lead.

For Fitz, the two games that he feels the worst about losing are the Giants and the Ravens games because against New York they were up 10 points in the final quarter and against Baltimore, when the team had a 21-point lead they could not hold or extend.

Which game during the winning streak has been the most rewarding? That would be the Niners. "With them being in our division, us not liking them, them not liking us, to beat them was great for us because they had beaten us five games in a row," said Fitzerald.

When asked about Patrick Peterson, he was most impressed the rookie's demeanor and attitude. He added that Peterson has a few plays for him on offense. That will be interesting to see in the future.

Then the Kevin Kolb/John Skelton debate came up. Fitz was asked why he plays better with Skelton (somewhat of a myth as was noted in Joe's post. He noted that it was the experience that Kolb has had and developing "trust." He cited how he is a different type of receiver than DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in the fact that he's "not going to run four or five yards past his man." His being open is a different look than it was when Kolb was playing in a West Coast offense. Skelton, with the extra year's experience in the system and with Fitz, knows "how to put the ball up" for him to make a play.

Naturally, Fitzgerald is not going to call out a teammate or say which QB is better. He simply noted the difference.

Catch the interview in its entirety below and add your thoughts to the mix.

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