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Beanie Wells Talks To Jim Rome About Winning, Injuries, Quarterbacks

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With the Arizona Cardinals winning so much lately, the players have been getting more attention by the media. Of course, it also helps when the team's starting running back is also an Ohio State alum, a team who has been in the news recently because of the recent sanctions levied by the NCAA. So Jim Rome had Beanie Wells on his TV show on Wednesday. As you might imagine, Rome discussed the Cardinals' success and the quarterback situation. They also talked about injuries and playing through them.

As for making the playoffs, Beanie said the standard football answer, that they are taking it "one game at a time." However, he did say that he felt that the team, if they make the playoffs, could make a run. "I feel that we can play with anyone in the league," he told Rome. "We've shown that for the most part this year. We had some close games where we weren't able to close out, but we've been doing better as of late.

As would be a natural question, Rome asked why the team doesn't start better. Beanie answered about the season and about individual games.

"I think early on in the season, we had some things where we didn't minimize our mistakes. We had a lot of mistakes and we weren't able to close out early on. As for starting faster, we're a team that just needs to get warmed up."

I hope that was an attempt at a little humor. Good teams execute well from the start of the game. Having a good defense allows some leeway, but the lack of execution early would indicate a lack of concentration or urgency.

He also addressed injuries and playing through them. He spoke about maturing as a player, especially since he was only 21 in his rookie year.

He also talked about the label he has of being injury prone and soft. He explains that he does not feel that the label that he won't play hurt is fair. The only time he hasn't played through something before this year was at Ohio State when he missed three games with turf toe and last year when he had knee surgery. Specifically about the label, he "wanted to erase that," which would explain the concerted effort to be on the field more despite a knee that does not allow him to make moves he otherwise would do.

The most insightful comments he had were about the quarterback situation and whether it is Kevin Kolb or John Skelton that gives the team a better chance of winning.

"I think both of them give us an opportunity to win, and are both pretty good quarterbacks and can run the offense," he told Rome. "John's a bigger guy, so he can do things that Kevin can't do, and Kevin is a little guy and can do things that John can't do."

Way to answer that question. Big guy, little guy, do different things.

Aside from the QB comments, it was a solid interview. Catch the whole thing in the clip below.

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