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Cardinals Vs. Browns Rewind: Levi Brown Good, Daryl Washington Bad?

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This play is a major reason why Washington was graded down this week.
This play is a major reason why Washington was graded down this week.

As you may have become accustomed, Pro Football Focus does a weekly post on the good and bad at each position, based on their grading system. Against the Cleveland Browns, the Arizona Cardinals, as it seemingly happens on a weekly basis, has players in both posts for recognition, both good and bad.

The thing is that this week, the tides are turned. The regularly All-PFF team player and the "Had a Bad Day" player swap places this week.

Left tackle Levi Brown has been much maligned for his play as offensive line anchor and blindside protector over the past two seasons, and rightfully so. He has been a regular in the Bad Day posts. This week, though, he is the highest rated tackle for his play against Cleveland at +5.2.

Yes you are reading the team of the week, and no I haven't got my tackles mixed up with those who should be appearing on the ‘Had a Bad Day' team. Brown, who is playing better than he ever has, was near flawless against Cleveland.

In fact, he has played much better over the past four weeks. I don't think that his play will change the perception that he will not be returning for the 2012 season.

the other surprise is who made the Bad Day list. This week it is linebacker Daryl Washington, who has been on the All-PFF team several times this season. He was the lowest graded inside linebacker for the week at -3.7.

The Cardinals' Washington may have top-end talent, but missing two tackles is a poor return in any game, while he can blame his coaching staff for thinking he could cover wide receiver Greg Little one-on-one.

I do not recall the missed tackles, but he was likely graded down for his coverage of Little when Little scored on the 76-yard pass. The issue for that is that he is covering a fast receiver who should not have had the time to get that open because of the corner blitz by Michael Adams. By design, the blitz is supposed to cause a hurried throw or a sack. Adams didn't get to Seneca Wallace, in part because Wallace is mobile and athletic, and he made a great play to avoid the pressure and find Little with room.

Also notable is the fact that safety Adrian Wilson has been playing so well. PFF noted his performance in their game refocus. In fact, he is now their highest rated safety for the season. He is playing an incredibly balanced year. He is stuffing plays at the line of scrimmage, he is getting pressure when asked and he has been playing very well in coverage the past few weeks. We are glad to have him back.