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Adrian Wilson's Resurgence May Have Unexpected Explanation

Adrian Wilson came into this season to recover from a disappointing 2010 season for the Arizona Cardinals. He injured his biceps and it was thought he might have to miss the season. He decided to play through the injury and didn't miss a regular season game.

The start of his season was pretty uneventful. He wasn't always in place and was not making impact plays like in the past. Of course, he was dealing with the injury and playing in a new scheme that Ray Horton brought to the team.

Since the start of the season, he has made huge strides, but it might have a reason other than what you might think.

As of today, Pro Football Focus has Wilson as the highest rated safety in the entire league. He is making plays in coverage that he hasn't in some time.

The easy explanation for his improved play would be his arm feeling better and understanding Horton's schemes better. However, there is a another factor we might be able to point to for his recent success.

Wilson tweeted this not too long ago.

Let me set the record straight... @Mrs_Wilson24 and I are back together stronger than ever. Some things are worth coming back too.
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There is an old saying -- "happy wife, happy life." I believe it, having been married for over 12 years.

Wilson and his wife split up some time ago. I don't know the details and I had heard nothing of it until he announced he was back with her. Naturally, family issues are best handled privately.

However, I do not find it the least coincidental that Wilson is experiencing greater happiness in his personal life at the same time he is playing better on the field.

Let be clear. I have no source or information on this. This is pure speculation. But in addition to the obvious on the field factors for his improved play, I would have to say that his split with his wife (if it coincided with last season or even early this season) and then getting back together are every bit as influential to how he is performing.

As a man with a family, I applaud him in his personal life. Those who are married know how much work it is. As a fan, it is great to see a ferocious, impact-making Adrian Wilson. It's just the way things should be.