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Cardinals Vs. Bengals Prediction Thread

Well, the Arizona Cardinals won again last week, this time against the Cleveland Browns. Now they head to Ohio and face the upstart Cincinnati Bengals. If you recall, long ago in the offseason, Vegas had the over/under for their wins to be six, if I remember correctly. Pretty much everybody thought that was easy money, that without Carson Palmer, the team would be an abomination.

With Andy Dalton, A. J. Green and a solid defense, they have feasted on lesser opponents n route to an 8-6 record thus far. Whoever loses this game is eliminated from the playoffs, although a win does not guarantee anything, rather that they might live another week.

So, with the game coming up on Saturday instead of Sunday, it is time for our prediction thread. What are your predictions for the game?

I have predicted a 17-16 win for the Cardinals. It will be another case of the Cardiac Cards, as both teams will not score much. Arizona's offense is not high scoring and their defense keeps teams now from scoring lots. It will be a late drive in which an inconsistent John Skelton makes a couple of big throws to get the team into field goal range and Jay Feely will hit it.

Beanie Wells will hit 1000 yards on the season with his second carry of the game and Todd Heap will get a touchdown. Cedric Benson will have early success, but the defense will tighten up.

What do you think will happen?