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NFC West Roundup: Fines For Flashy Footwear, Unorthodox Secondaries And Rooting Against Your Own Team

Heading into week 16, one NFC West team has already clinched the division title, while two others are still fighting to make it into the playoffs via the wildcard. The Cardinals and Seahawks both hold records of 7-7 and will be hoping that San Diego can travel to Detroit and beat the Lions.

This weekend, we have one divisional matchup. The 49ers will head north to take on the Seahawks in the CLink, which could affect the Cardinals' chances of getting into the postseason. Let's take a look at some of the news from around the division.

San Francisco 49ers:

Michael Crabtree Fined $10,000 For Gold Cleats - Niners Nation

I don't understand why he wore them when he knew he was going to get fined, but man are those some flashy shoes.

49ers Vs. Seahawks Injury Report: Everybody Questionable - Niners Nation

A breakdown of the 49ers and Seahawks final injury reports for Saturday's game.

49ers 2012+ Quarterback: Alex Smith? (Fill In The Blank)? - Niners Nation

A close look at QB Alex Smith in 2011 and the 49ers' upcoming offseason decisions. Is it a virtual certainty that they bring Smith back?

Harbaugh's Pro Bowl comments in context - NFC West Blog - ESPN

If Alex Smith were playing quarterback in 1995, he could be a Pro Bowl eligible passer.

Candlestick outages detailed; fixes set before playoffs - San Jose Mercury News

Some news about the power outages that hit Candlestick Park last Monday night.

Could Aldon Smith's Exposure On MNF Further Boost The Pass Rush? - Niners Nation

With Aldon Smith looking like a bona fide beast as a pass rusher, could San Francisco's overall pass rush improve?

Seattle Seahawks:

K.J. Wright Making Plays in the Backfield - Field Gulls

An excellent breakdown of rookie linebacker K.J. Wright. He has really made the pain of Aaron Curry being a bust much more bearable.

Seahawks | Seahawks secondary could be one of best in NFL | Seattle Times Newspaper

The Seattle Seahawks have a very unorthodox secondary, but it could end up being one of the best in the league.

On Matt Barkley's decision to stay at USC - NFC West Blog - ESPN

The Seattle Seahawks and other NFL teams in the market for college quarterbacks will have to wait another year before taking a shot at Matt Barkley.

Closer look at Seahawks' improved defense - NFC West Blog - ESPN

The Seattle Seahawks' defense has really found its stride as the year has gone on, much like the Cardinals'.

The Impressive Play of the Seattle Seahawks Wide Receivers - Field Gulls

Looking at the outstanding play of the Seahawks receiving corps, especially its depth.

St. Louis Rams:

Why rooting against the Rams the next 2 weeks is not a bad thing? - Turf Show Times

Should Rams fans be rooting against their team for the rest of the season? If they lose out, there's a possibility that Andrew Luck could fall into their laps.

Why Steve Spagnuolo Is Most Likely On His Way Out In St. Louis - Turf Show Times

St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo is likely gone after the season. His performance compared to the rest of the NFC West has much to do with that.

NFL Coaching Rumors: A.J. Smith, Jeff Fisher And The Rams - Turf Show Times

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher reportedly wouldn't mind hitching his wagon to A.J. Smith, the Chargers general manager. Could both men land in St. Louis in 2012?

Rams' Dahl caught cursing on microphone-

Just one slip of the tongue, and Rams offensive lineman Harvey Dahl has become a YouTube sensation.

Bradford doubtful — very doubtful — for Steelers-

Sam Bradford is highly doubtful to play against the Steelers this week, leaving QB Kellen Clemens to run the offense.