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Cardinals vs. Bengals: 5 things to watch for

With Playoff talks flying around, there hasn't been a better reason to watch the Cardinals games in the last two seasons than now. In a couple of hours, the Arizona Cardinals will take on the Cincinatti Bengals in one of the most important games since the Warner era.

Hit the jump to read 5 things you should watch for in today's game.

1) The weather

Coming from the desert, the cold Cincinnati weather is definitely going to be a factor in the game. Will the Cardinals players be able to overcome this obstacle?

2) Patrick Peterson

Many people are predicting Peterson to break the NFL record for most punt return TD's in a single season. Covering WR AJ Green definitely won't be an easy task either. Watch for Peterson to have a big impact on the outcome of the game.

3) Todd Heap

Many fans had high hopes for Heap coming into the season, but injuries largely made him a non-factor for the season. Last week he finally came through, showing fans why the Cardinals signed him in the first place. Will he be able to give the Bengals defense a reason to worry?

4) John Skelton/Kevin Kolb

Reports are showing that the starting QB for the Cardinals will be announced shortly before the game starts. Whether it's Kolb or Skelton that starts, the Cardinals will need a strong performance from their QB if they hope to come away with the win.

5) Andy Dalton

Rookie QB Andy Dalton has given Bengals fans a reason to be excited for the future. Will the Cardinals defense be able to continue their streak of excellence, and put pressure on Dalton all day?