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Arizona Cardinals/Cincinnati Bengals Inactive Report: Kevin Kolb Rides The Pine

Happy holidays to everyone!

Christmas eve the NFL brings the fans many presents today, one being the match up between two very similar teams in the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Cardinals are back east, visiting Cinci. The weather is to remain cool but clear. Both teams are in need of a victory to help themselves towards the playoffs.

Match ups can be skewed by the injury bug though, and keeping that in mind, hit the jump to see who won't suit up today.

For the Cards:

  • QB Kevin Kolb - Concussion
  • OT Brandon Keith - Ankle
  • SS Sean Considine - Foot
  • OLB Brandon Williams - New to the system
  • WR Stephen Williams - Numbers game
  • WR Jaymar Johnson - Numbers game
  • WR DeMarco Sampson - Numbers game

Look, I'm not making fun of concussions, because that's not a joking subject. That being said, I'm really contemplating renaming the inactive list to the Kevin Kolb list seeing as he's spent nearly half of the season on it. The other bit of notable news is Brandon Keith being out. Jeremy Bridges slides in to replace him. The Cards have opted to suit up four WRs;Larry Fitzgerlad, Andre Roberts, Early Doucet, and Chansi Stuckey. This also makes reference to the run offense, as they carry their full contingent of TEs. I'd expect to see more of this moving towards the future.

For the Bengals:
  • WR Andre Caldwell
  • TE Colin Cochart
  • DT Nick Hayden
  • G Otis Hudson
  • RB Brian Leonard
  • LB Dontay Moch
  • FS Robert Sands

On the Bengals side it appears everyone sitting is depth. Rookie WR A. J. Green is playing, which is good news for both Bengals fans and rookie QB Andy Dalton, who has grown through the season with the WR. Look for a premier match up of Patrick Peterson against Green.

There's just over an hour til kickoff. I'll see everyone on the other side. Go Cards!