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Arizona Cardinals/Cincinnati Bengals Postgame Analysis And Quotes

So close, but yet 3 quarters away.(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
So close, but yet 3 quarters away.(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

And with a pair of tangled feet, the Arizona Cardinals and Early Docuet both came crashing down to earth. The final score Arizona sixteen and the Cincinnati Bengals twenty-three. The fourth quarter heroics of John Skelton could not make up for three quarters of Skelton on kryptonite. The defense played at a pedestrian level in the first half, and then the second half turned they made adjustments and dominated the Bengals. All would be for naught, as a wide open Doucet tripped over his own feet in the end zone. But his is not the only mistake in today's game.

Hit the jump to see what the organization had to say about the tough loss.

I start at Ken Whisenhunt, who had this to say about the overall outcome of the game, "It was just unfortunate."

Fortune is fickle. Today she decided to frown on the Cards. Early Doucet doesn't trip and the game changes, who knows, we may still have been talking plaoffs next week. Instead we're talking about the trip heard round the valley.

Doucet doesn't brush aside the fault when he was asked about the play. "I can't fall down no matter what. It's a play we needed to win. Whatever happened, I'm not a guy who uses excuses. It's my fault. It's a play I normally make."

John Skelton also laid the blame at his own feet for the game, talking in particular about his first interception. "It's frustrating. For me to thrown an interception early kind of deflates us."

Daryn Colledge put into words what most of the team and the fanbase are thinking. "We can't put the defense in that position. We have shown the ability to do something special. We have to figure out how to do it all the time."

Consistency. I expect it to be the theme for next game, and headed into the off season. Larry Fitzgerald has over a thousand yards. So does Beanie Wells. With those type of play makers, the offense can't struggle all game.

Coach Whisenhunt even addressed that aspect of the team's performance. "It's tough when you're not doing anything on offense, when you have opportunities and you turn the ball over in critical situations, it can be frustrating."

It's another close loss. Eerily similar to earlier in the season when the Cards turned in the losing streak. But they can make amends next week when The Seattle Seahawks come to town. Next week either places the team at even in the win loss column for the year, or pegs them at below average. Until then, live Cards large.