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Arizona Cardinals Week 16 Bonehead Play - John Skelton

Three quarters of Long John "Bonehead" Skelton, and one quarter of quarterback play at an NFL level. One sentence pretty much sums up the bonehead play of our journeyman quarterback in week 16. It's incredible to watch Skelton week to week, because you never know when he's going to turn on his NFL quarterback skills.

It seems like it shows up in the 4th quarter for some unknown reason as shown in his multiple wins this season, the biggest this year being against the 2011 NFC West division champion San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers defense is elite and tops in the NFL, and Skelton was able to throw enough to get the job done. But against a good defense in Cincinnati, not as good as the 49er defense, Skelton was his own worst enemy.

Skelton suffered from two constant mistakes in week 16, he was forcing throws rather than taking what the defense gave him, and his throws were consistently too high. The high passes are the reason the top man in the bracket coverage the Bengals were using on Larry Fitzgerald were able to basically catch the interception as if the passes were intended for them. The INT to Bengals CB Nate Clements was absolutely pitiful as he was standing right in front of Skelton and caught the pass as if he was Skelton's hot receiver on a check down. The Week 16 Bonehead play goes to QB John Skelton. Let's hope he can play three additional quarters like he plays the 4th from now on.

What is your Week 16 bonehead play? Did I miss one?

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