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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Arizona Cardinals Finish Around The Middle

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It is NFL Week 17 and the final 2011 power rankings are all out. After weeks of making small jumps in most rankings, the Arizona Cardinals lost against the Bengals and have fallen a bit to make their final stop. Nationally and locally, there is not a lot of difference this time. As the team is going to battle for am 8-8 record, it would figure that they would be found near the middle of the pack.

Read on to see where they ended up locally and nationally.

On a local scale, we start withour own ROTB rankings. The Cardinals fall nine spots to number 16, as their winning streak ended.

On (where the power ranking slideshow is gone), the Cards also end at number 16. They fell four spots in these rankings.

Nationally, they get a little less love.

ESPN drops the Cardinals three spots to number 20. Oddly enough, that is also the number of passing TDs Arizona has had this season. Is it a coincidence? I think not It probably is.

CBS Sports has the Cards the highest (tied with one other outlet) at number 19. They fell one spot in their rankings.

SB Nation also has Arizona at number 19, falling one spot, citing how interesting the offseason will be considering that neither Kevin Kolb nor John Skelton have given any indication that either will be their franchise guy.

Lastly, FOX Sports has Arizona the lowest, at number 21. The Cards fell seven spots with their loss to Cincinnati. Harsh, but probably almost justified.

Considering they are going to have a very mediocre record, being in the middle with the mediocre teams seems fair. Hopefully 2012 brings greater success for the Cardinals.

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