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ROTB Roundtable: Injuries, Doucet, and Game Goals

Although the season is almost over, the questions surrounding the Arizona Cardinals aren't. Due to a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, even more questions have sprung up. The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of those many questions.

Hit the jump to read their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below.

1) With Patrick Peterson and Kevin Kolb still recovering from their injuries, many fans are saying it would be wise to sit them both for the season finale, to avoid further injuries. Do you agree?

Tyler Nickel: Sit Peterson, but I think if Kolb is healthy enough, he should play. He has a lot to prove to this team still.

Jesse Reynolds: I agree, while I believe everyone from the fanbase to the FO wants to win this last game it is important to take the big picture into perspective. However if either are healthly enough to play, as deemed by regular season standards, than both should play regardless of it being the end of the regular season.

JoeCB1991: If they are healthy enough to play and if there is a good chance they can't make their injuries worse, I would like to see them out there to help the team get a win.

Jess Root: That's a tough question. They obviously don't have any need to rest players for the playoffs, which would be the reason why you sit guys. If Peterson's injury has any risk of something more serious, then, yes, he should sit. Kolb's situation is different. If he is healthy enough, he needs to play. He lacks the reps and a good showing in Week 17 would go a long way in showing the coaching staff and fans that he intends to be the man.

However, as it is a head injury, you must proceed with caution. So, it depends on whether he is right. If he is, there is no reason why he should sit.

CardsFan08: If Kevin Kolb is healthy enough to start the next game, I would like him to do it. But at this point I would like to see PP21 rest and be ready for next year. There is no reason to rush him back onto the field and potentially increase his injury for no reason but a morale victory. But with Kolb, every chance he's under center is a chance to know if he's worth being the franchise QB of this team.

Cdeveau: It all depends on the severity of the injury. Obviously a player's job is to be on the field competing. The organizations job is to ensure that the player is utilized effectively, this includes injury. There is nothing to be gained by allowing an injured player to compete, aside from more injury. That being said, both players can benefit from a live game scenario and more reps with their teammates. It will all depend on the day to day progression of the injury.

2) Dropping the potential game-tying TD, many fans have made Doucet the scapegoat for the loss. Since he's a FA this off-season, do you think he deserves to come back, or should the Cardinals let him go?

Tyler Nickel: Sit Peterson, but I think if Kolb is healthy enough, he should play. He has a lot to prove to this team still.

Jesse Reynolds: I can't and won't blame Doucet. What happened was nothing but pathetic, especially because it reminded me of the beginning of the season and the Cardinals of old. Yet it is not his fault we were put into that position. The offense and John Skelton in particular played horrendously the first three quarters. Doucet should be brought back. He finished his first season without injury and showed he can be a viable option on 3rd down and in the redzone. At one point he lead the league in 3rd down receptions and yards.

JoeCB1991: Doucet has been pretty good this year and he outplayed Andre Roberts, so yeah I would bring him back. I was furious after the slip, but that doesn't hide the fact that he has been productive this year and he finally stayed healthy. Probably won't fetch a high price tag either. I would still look for a FA receiver to help take pressure off of Fitz though.

Jess Root: One thing that is necessary in the NFL is continuity. Doucet should be brought back if he does not command a number two salary and if the team intends on using him like this season. There will likely be a market for him, but I would not have a problem with his return.

CardsFan08: I applaud Doucet's courage to take the heat from the media head on. That show's that he's a professional. I live in San Diego and recently Vincent Jackson had a big TD miss and he ducked out from the media and didn't talk to them for a week, and he's a franchise tagged player. It shows that Doucet cares, is mature enough to handle the heat, and I would really like for him to come back next year. He's a great player, and will get better with time.

Cdeveau: I was one who might have tossed something when Early Doucet tripped over his own feet, but while he contributed to the lack of a stellar day, he is not the only scapegoat from last Sunday's game. Once I took the entire day into perspective, Doucet's inability to come down with the catch can be chalked up to an overall poor Cardinal's performance. Taking that game out of the mix, Doucet's performance has been average, and the Cards would be wise to bring back a guy who understood the offense if the price were correct.

3) This week, the Cardinals take on the Seahawks. What will they be trying to accomplish in the season opener?

Tyler Nickel: In the season finale, the Cardinals should just try and get a win. Any momentum they can gather to take into next season is a positive.

Jesse Reynolds: A win. We need to end this season strong and we need to humiliate a division rival because we are at home. Good teams win at home. In the grand scheme of things an ugly win is still a win, however I still want to see us in control the entire game. No more 3 quarters of suck and 1 quarter of awesome, I want 4 quarters of kicking butt.

JoeCB1991: I would just like to see them end the season on a high note. Go all out and try to get the win for the pride of finishing 8-8 after such a horrible start. I'll be at the game anyway so I want to see something good anyway.

Jess Root: First and foremost, they should seek a victory as always. Since the playoffs are out of the question, it will be about making steps of improvement to build upon for next season. No missed assignments in blocking or on defense, getting pressure on the quarterback, running the football effectively and having an efficient passing game. Offensively, the goal should be to put together 60 minutes of consistency.

CardsFan08: In the season finale I would like to see a running game and consistent offense. It is very bothersome after the last two seasons (this season included) to never know if your team can convert on 3rd and 1, or even score points in the first quarter. This team needs stability at the QB position and the sooner it can show it has a consistent offensive threat the sooner we can all start taking less blood pressure medication.

Cdeveau: A victory. Both teams are 7-8. Someone ends the season at .500, and the other doesn't. Which way do the cards want to go? Aside from the victory, a better offensive start and a consistent defense, not just two quarters or three quarters. I expect to see a strong game from start to finish that shows both coaches and fans the progress and direction of the team heading into 2012.

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