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2 Arizona Cardinals Make The Pro Football Focus "Bad Day" List

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The Arizona Cardinals' game against the Cincinnati Bengals was anything but pretty. It took them over three quarters to pass the 50-yard line, scoring their first points in the fourth quarter. There were many plays to be embarrassed about for Cardinals fans, which contributed to both Daryl Washington and Early Doucet being named to the PFF All "Had a Bad Day" Team for week 16.

After the jump, let's look at why these guys earned this "award".

By now, you have all probably seen this. Jerome Simpson flipped right over Daryl Washington and straight into the end zone. For that, Washington will likely be a figure in a poster that will remain part of NFL lore from now until eternity. If that isn't bad enough, Pro Football Focus gave Washington a score of -2.3, with the writer saying he felt "vindicated" in his arguments against Washington for the Pro Bowl.

There is no reason given for Washington's poor score, but one would have to assume that it was due to his rather poor play in coverage against the Bengals. Still, Washington collected 11 tackles on the day, the most he has had in any single game this season.

The other player to join Washington was Early Doucet. Doucet scored a -2.8 and was listed as the second worst wide receiver in week 16, trailing only Plaxico Burress. Most of this negative score could be due to the fact that with the game on the line, Early slipped in the end zone, possibly costing the Cards another comeback victory. Doucet also had another dropped catch earlier on in the game. As PFF says, this will be, "a game he'll want to forget."

What do you think of these ratings? Are there any other Cardinals players you feel should be on this list because of how poorly they played against the Bengals? Leave a comment below.

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