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NFC West Roundup: Another Tackle Down, Coaching Candidates And Flat Ticket Prices

Week 13 of the NFL is upon us and many excellent games are slated for this Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks already played their game on Thursday night, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 31-14. The Cardinals will take on the always hated Cowboys, while the Rams and 49ers will square off against each other in San Francisco.

So what's going on around the division? Hit the jump to find out.

Seattle Seahawks:

Seahawks Beat Eagles: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from a Primetime Performance - Field Gulls

The good, the bad and the ugly from the Seahawks/Eagles game.

Okung latest NFC West tackle done for year - NFC West Blog - ESPN

After losing their right tackle, James Carpenter, the Seattle Seahawks lost their left tackle, Russel Okung, to a torn pectoral muscle on Thursday night. These two aren't the only tackles that are now on the IR in the NFC West.

Tarvaris Jackson shows he's not done yet - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Tarvaris Jackson had his best game as a Seahawk against the Eagles, so playing someone else in his place probably won't be necessary.

Jerry Brewer | Marshawn Lynch rumbling toward big payday with Seahawks | Seattle Times Newspaper

Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks will look to make a deal towards a contract extension in the offseason.

Tate finally takes his practice habits to the game | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune

Injuries within the wide receiver corps have forced the Seahawks to look for another go-to-guy. That guy, so far, has been Golden Tate.

St. Louis Rams:

Any sense playing Bradford against 49ers? - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Rams injury news along with the question of whether or not the Rams should bother risking further injury to Sam Bradford.

Who will the Rams hire at GM, if (when) Billy Devaney is fired? - Turf Show Times

Many have speculated that Rams GM, Billy Devaney will be fired after the season. Here are some possible replacements.

Rams Head Coaching Candidates: Rob Ryan - Turf Show Times

Not only has the GM of the Rams come under scrutiny, but so has the head coach. Steve Spagnuolo could be out after 2011. Could Rob Ryan (the current defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys) be a possible replacement?

Fumbles drag down Rams-

The Rams' offense is leading the league in a couple of offensive categories, but they're not the kind you brag about...

Rams, 49ers and why they're so different - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Trying to find comparisons between the Rams and the 49ers is not an easy thing to do. Luckily, Mike Sando attempts to do that in this article.

San Francisco 49ers:

49ers Vs. Rams, Injury Report: Adam Snyder, Bruce Miller Both Listed As Probable - Niners Nation

A breakdown of the 49ers and Rams week 13 injury reports.

Greg Roman Addresses Whether We Will See Much Of Colin Kaepernick Soon...Sort Of - Niners Nation

A look at 49ers offensive coordinator, Greg Roman's comments about 49ers rookie QB Colin Kaepernick and whether we'll see him get some playing time before the end of the 2011 season.

49ers Season Ticket Prices To Remain Flat For 2012 - Niners Nation

Despite the good season for the 49ers, ticket prices will not be increased next season.

49ers need to sync passing game for playoff run - Sacramento Sports - Sacramento Bee

If the 49ers want to do some damage in the playoffs, their passing game will have to improve. - 49ers talent – Who deserves credit?

Who gets credit for putting the talented 49ers team together?