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2011 ROTB Fantasy Football Champions

Fantasy football leagues for the most part are all done. This includes the two ROTB leagues we put together before the season started on Yahoo!. There were 10 teams in the first league and 12 teams in the second. Both teams played with different point settings. League one had tons of bonuses for big plays, while it appears that league two was more of a standard scoring league.

League one was more or less dominated, while the second league was much closer.

As both leagues are done, we wish to congratulate our two champions.

In league one, fantasy team Feely My Kolb went a perfect 13-0 before sweeping through the playoffs, en route to the championship. His team ruled. I don't know how he did it.

The runner up was Billydacardsfan, who was also the commish. His final record was 8-5, although he cruised through the playoffs until the final matchup.

I was in the first league and failed to make the playoffs. Things looked good at 5-3, but then lost the last five matchups.

League two's champion was 8-5 before the playoffs, so you can see there was less individual domination.

The team The Sugar Notchers was the champion.

Congrats to both teams.

I am sure year we will have another league, and hopefully our official partner is a free league like Yahoo!.

Until next year, we know who has bragging rights -- but it would be nice to know who are the community members that owned these teams so we can know who the brilliant (or lucky) guys are.