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Kevin Kolb Will Remain Quarterback Of Arizona Cardinals Through 2012

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With John Skelton starting six games for the Cardinals at the quarterback position this season, many wondered if the Cards would decide to cut their losses with Kevin Kolb. He has been out with multiple injuries this season, including turf toe and concussion issues. While he has been able to play, Kolb has had his struggles in running the Arizona offense.

According to a recent article from Kent Somers, the Cardinals plan on keeping Kolb through at least 2012.

Somers cites that by cutting Kolb after this season, the Cardinals could avoid paying Kolb a $7 million roster bonus in 2012. After 2012, his salary increases dramatically, rising to $9 million and then $10 million in the last three seasons of his five year deal.

Releasing Kolb from the roster would seem to be a bit premature given the steep price that Arizona had to pay for him. By giving up a bona fide cornerback in Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round draft pick, the Cards made a heavy investment in Kolb in the hope that he can be the QB of the future for this franchise.

Second year signal caller John Skelton played well (at times) while spelling for Kolb. His rookie fifth round draft pick contract pales in comparison to that of Kevin Kolb's 5-year, $63 million deal. Many believe that continuing to develop Skelton by handing the reigns over to him is the best path for the team.

I think giving Kolb another year to prove himself is a no brainer. With a truncated offseason, Kolb had a limited amount of time to gain a firm grasp on the offense. With a full training camp and OTAs, he should be able to thrive and gain a better chemistry with the receivers and the offensive linemen. In terms of his health, one can only hope that he can remain healthy next season.

If it doesn't work out next season, that is when the team should consider the future of Kolb. If they decide to cut him after next season, Somers notes that Arizona will save $41 million of the original $63 million contract.

As of now, Kolb's place on the roster is secure. Having a healthy quarterback competition in training camp is never a bad thing, either. The last time that happened for the Cardinals, they wound up with a QB that led them to the Super Bowl. That's not to say Kolb or Skelton would be able to do that, but hey, one can dream, right?

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