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Cardinals Vs. Seahawks Prediction Thread

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The Arizona Cardinals have their home and regular season finale on Sunday as they play host to the Seattle Seahawks. As both are 7-8, they are battling for second place in the division and for a .500 record, something that seemed impossible earlier in the season.

The two teams met up earlier in the season in Seattle, with the Seahawks prevailing 13-10 in a low-scoring affair. In that game, Arizona played without Beanie Wells and struggled mightily at running the ball, failing on several attempts to get first downs on third and one or two yards.

With the game on Sunday, it is time to make your predictions. Mine comes after the jump.

As has been the case, the Cardinals are going to fall behind early, but it won't be as bad as in previous weeks. The defense will keep Marshawn Lynch in check, much like they did in Seattle. It will be 10-6 Seattle at the half.

Beanie Wells' playing will be felt, as he will run the ball effectively. He will finish with 83 yards on 17 carries.

The second half will see a defensive effort, but John Skelton makes a couple of big throws, taking the lead halfway through the final quarter and the defense holding on.

The final score? 20-16 Arizona.