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Cowboys Vs. Cardinals Week 13 Open Game Thread

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cownoys are in town to face Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys have won four straight and the Cardinals three of their last four. Kevin Kolb returns to the starting lineup and Beanie Wells takes the field one week after setting a franchise rushing record last week against the Rams.

You know what to do. Hit the jump, jump in with the conversation or start it. If you don't yet have an account on ROTB, please sign up for free and join us as it were at the virtual sports bar to talk Cardinals.

As a reminder, game threads are more lax with the language, but we ought to note we are a community that does not attack other members.

If you see a comment you feel is inapropriate, 'flag it.'

If you like someone's comment, please 'recommend' it, using the "action" link. One post on Monday will highlight the best/funniest comments of the game.

But above all, enjoy the rest of the game and GO CARDINALS!