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Arizona Cardinals/Dallas Cowboys Inactive List: Todd Heap/Miles Austin Out

An early Christmas present. The Dallas Cowboys come on over to UOP stadium on a chilly December day. The Arizona Cardinals come home after a 3 game road trip after winning two of the three games. This was with QB John Skelton at the helm. But the inactive list could change as Kevin Kolb practiced all week.

Hit the jump to see who remains on the inactive list for week thirteen.

For the Cards, the inactive list still has some fairly big names on it:

  • TE Todd Heap - Hamstring, a bad season for Heap.
  • FS Kerry Rhodes - Foot injury, a couple of games away from a return.
  • OLB Joey Porter - One more week where the knee isn't ready.
  • QB Rich Bartel - A depth call.
  • WR Chansi Stuckey - Another depth call. Jaymar Johnson gets the nod.
  • WR Stephen Williams - Another depth call. Jaymar Johnson gets the nod.
  • OT D'Anthony Batiste - Another depth call.

Kevin Kolb is back. Let's see if the three weeks has helped him regain his composure. Rumor is that the time off has helped him recover his confidence. And he also noted that watching from the sideline helped. He has said, "Shoot, the way we operated (in practice), it looked like it helped a little bit." TE Rob Housler also returns. This one is interesting in that the rookie TE and the 'franchise' QB have not connected often due to mis-communication. The potential is there, the timing alas is not. Jaymar Johnson, newly acquired by the team beats out Chansi Stickey and Stephen Williams for the last WR spot. I'm curious to see if he'll play, and if his speed is a factor.

For the Cowboys the following players are on the inactive list:

  • WR Miles Austin
  • FB Tony Fiammetta
  • QB John Kitna
  • DT Josh Price-Brent
  • RB Phillip Tanner
  • G David Arkin
  • G Daniel Loper
The name to stand out on the list here is WR Miles Austin. This should benefit the Cardinals secondary, however, the Cowboys are deep at the WR position. Ultimately, the OLB crew has to get to Tony Romo to disrupt his rhythm. And most importantly, keep him inside the pocket.

Just under an hour til some Cards football. Catch everyone on the other side.