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Arizona Cardinals/Dallas Cowboys Postgame Analysis And Quotes

The Dallas Cowboys came into town today, guests at the UOP stadium and the Arizona Cardinals. Leading the NFC East, the Cowboys entered the game on a four game win streak. The Cardinals returned home after three weeks on the road, taking two of the three games. Kevin Kolb got the start after weeks of being sidelined by turf toe.

In the first half the defense shined, while the offense sputtered along, managing to post only a field goal.

After a halftime adjustment the offense came to life, with Kevin Kolb shaking off the rust. Sixty minutes ticked by and the game was tied. With the game on the line, in overtime, Kolb him LaRod Stephens-Howling for the go ahead score, and the Cards topped the Cowboys 19 - 13 on OT.

Hit the jump to see what the team had to say about their victory.

We start today with LaRod Stephens-Howling, speaking about his game winning moment. "To have them trust me at the end was a great feeling."

Stephens-Howling is a play-maker. Sign him now FO. He shines on special teams and on offense, today is just another example. What's most interesting about the play is that Deuce Lutui predicted it, according to Stevens-Howling. "I can't lie: He promised me, he promised me I'd win the game."

Note to the coaching staff, whatever Deuce had for lunch today, get it to him before every game.

From the game winner, we switch to Coach Whisenhunt, who chimed in on the Cowboys calling a timeout before their extra point attempt. "I was glad they iced the kicker there at the end so I didn't have to do it."

I agree. Thanks to Coach Garrett. I like your style amigo.

Darnell Dockett spoke out about the game, 'We just played ball, dominated."

That was the tone by the defense, who posted five sacks, Dockett accounting for one of the five.

Kevin Kolb was poised during overtime as he worked the Cards down the field. When asked about his first game back from injury, he said, "I have no energy left because it was an emotional second half, but everything else will be good."

And what Paris Lenon added could be said of every game, rather than just the overtime of today's. "You have to play the game out."

The Cardinals did so today. Next week is an opportunity at redemption as the San Francisco 49ers come to town. We've seen Alex Smith fall apart, courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens. Dial up the D and let them at Alex Smith.