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5 Positives from the Arizona Cardinals/Dallas Cowboys Week 13 Game

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Not many victories bring as much joy as beating the Cowboys. Maybe it's from the days of being in the same conference or the exorbitant amount of Cowboy fans in Arizona, whatever the reason Cardinal fans love to hate the Cowboys. While as fans we may have all just aged 10 years from this game the result was a sweet, sweet, win and well worth the tension.

After the break, 5 positives from the Cardinals victory of the Cowboys.

1) Defense: First and foremost, mad credit to Ray Horton. At the beginning of the season our defense was terrible. We gave up 28 points a game, collapsed late in games and never made a play when we needed it most. Oh how the times have changed. Since the Baltimore Debacle the Cardinals have only given up 17 points a game and many of those only happened because of offensive turnovers. After snubbing Dallas and their 6th ranked offense, it seems the Cardinals defense has finally become a legitimate force. Heck, if John Lynch thinks so, it must be so. Right?

2) Kevin Kolb: During the first half of Sunday's game I wanted to post a "For Sale" sign in the front yard of Kolb's house. Especially after he took two sacks because he was holding on to the ball FOREVER. But he redeemed himself. After a 4 sack, 32 yard first half he stepped up his game, extended plays with his legs and made big throws. He finished the day with solid stats and of course made the smartest play of them all, he got the ball in the hands of Larod Stephens-Howlings.

3) Second half adjustments: Often times we have wondered what the heck the Cardinals where thinking when it came to play calls. After an atrocious first half the offensive coaching staff must have decided to put their big boy pants on and play ball. The result was 16 second half unanswered points (including OT). Kudos to the defense for shutting out the Cowboys the entire second half of the game and allowing the offense to make some plays.

4)Larod Stephens-Howling: He may not care for this nickname but I feel it fits, the man is Mighty Mouse - small in stature, but massively talented. What can't he do? Kick returns? Check. Punt gunner? Check. Offensive spark plug? Check and check. LSH continues to make plays for the Cardinals no matter where he is put, from his critical 3rd and down catches to this weeks epic TD reception in overtime. The man gets it done.

5) Jason Garrett: At the end of the day we have to thank Coach Garrett for icing his own kicker. It's not even Christmas and the man is giving out gifts! Ah, schucks.

Until next week sports fans!